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Keith A. Evans, DMD, MS
N. Blake Swaar, DMD, MS

Welcome to Endodontists of Illinois

At Endodontist of Illinois, LLC, all members of the team strive for excellence in each aspect of patient care.  We are all dedicated to working as a single unit in order to provide the best endodontic care to each individual patient.  We give each and every client specialized, friendly care in order to make his or her endodontic experience as pleasant as possible.  Patients leave our office with an attitude about endodontics that is vastly different than the preconceived notions he or she arrives with.  This experience is so unexpectedly positive, that the patient talks complimentary about us to friends, family and other offices.


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Our office utilizes a comfortable schedule, which has enough flexibility built in, to accomodate our referring doctors' emergency needs.  This office reaches its production goals and grows, while simultaneously decreasing our time and stress at work.


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What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Evans was outstanding! I had a complicated problem with pain in my lower tooth that had previous root canal many years prior done elsewhere. Dr Evans explained everything in great detail, fixed it pain free and was great! I highly recommend Dr. Evans and his staff!

I had to have a second root canal. Dr. Evans is awesome! The staff is very friendly and focused on service. This is a great office and I am very pleased with the results!

Mary M.

I had a root canal today and my experience with Endodontists of Illinois, LLC was the most incredible dental experience I have ever had. Their kindness and patience was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone that is need of a dental procedure.

Brady F.

Very impressed working with this office. The staff was very patient with the multitude of questions I had. The office was clean and everyone was very friendly. They got me in on short notice and were able to complete all work in one visit. The pricing was more than reasonable and was affordable for me, even without dental insurance. Dr. Swaar was kind and went above and beyond to help me through this visit. I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing a root canal.

Caitlyn G.